My place does not appear on


I have added a place Sherbet Market on Openstreetmap. It still does not show up on What’s the problem? OpenStreetMap


“we update maps with almost every new release, approximately, once a month. If you have made a modification in OSM, you will be able to see it in one of the next releases.”

Probably your place will appear in the next release since it was added recently.

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How can I be sure that I did everything correctly for location adding?

Sherbet Market seems correctly mapped as a supermarket.

However, Bayhan Restaurant appears to be incorrectly tagged. From the name, it seems like it should be amenity=restaurant rather than shop=supermarket.

Great. Is my Sherbet Market location visible now on or shall I wait for the databases to be updated? I don’t have iphone to check. Thanks.

I don’t know, I don’t use it. Hopefully someone else will be able to tell you.

But do make sure you fix the restaurant. It looks like you incorrectly changed it from a restaurant to a supermarket.

Bayhan is not mine. I only own Sherbet Market. Thanks anyway.

@Ashgabat7, you probably did it by accident, but you were the one who changed the object. You deleted the tag amenity=restaurant and added shop=supermarket to the Bayhan restaurant.

For ease, I’ve gone ahead and changed it back to a restaurant.