My own routing server for scripting

Hi all,

i am planning to do some reasearch, which needs me to do a lot of routing requests, mainly about walking distances within a city, but for a big amount, so i am afraid, i should not hammer anybody else’s server with that.

You have some resources in your wiki about self hostable server around OSM and routing, but i fail to find one which has an interface for whatever style of command line scripts et alia.
It would be fine if being constraint to a single city or the like. But it should be able to handle some 100000s of requests, say in a week or so, if necessary.

Any recommendation where to look first?

Thanks, Arno

OSRM or Graphhopper will do you fine. Just fire up the server locally and then send requests to it via wget or curl. In theory you could use the NodeJS wrapper to OSRM but I suspect wget/curl will be easier.