My first relation is broken

Ok the multipolygon relation is called “Posto 9” and it’s is here

Josm complains that it has no outer path and that it’s empty

To me it’s not empty and it has indeed an outer boundary.

I don’t understand.

Any hint appreciated.

You misunderstood multipolgons. They’re for an area with holes, not for describing which elements are in another element. JOSM complains that it can’t create a valid geometry out of an outer-area and a few ways and some nodes as inner.
Sorry for this short explaination, propably someone else will make something more newbie-friendly out of this :wink:

@Rayquaza thank you !

So, if the multipolygon is the wrong tool, which is the right one ?

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but maybe the site-relation is what you are looking for:

If it is just a simple area, then no need for a relation.
Just map the outline as an area (closed way), then tag that. eg tag as leisure-beach_resort. It is obvious from the geometry that the cafe and toilets are inside the area, so are part of the resort.

Vclaw is right, if it’s a closed aread, just draw the area.
If the site consists of multiple non-connected areas, you can use the site-relation

Thank you people.

That’s right, it’s a closed area, everything is inside.

Thanks again