My Edit Count is Low by about 20,000. Why?

At present it says 596 but that only covers a few days. I’ve been working the same area for about 8 months and OSM seems to have forgotten. How can I expect to track progress or be encouraged to continue if OSM doesn’t record my efforts?

Hi Juncus,

596 is the number of changesets you’ve made according to Juncus | OpenStreetMap . Each changeset consists of one or more edits, they could very well add up to 20000 (about 33,5 edits per set).
Does this information help you?

How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap? provides much more information about your work.

More generally, I’d suggest that the number of changesets is a fairly poir reflection of the value that anyone has added to OSM.

Changesets can be big or small, verry detailed or poor quality. Personally the benefit that I got from OSM originally, and still now, is improvements to a map that I can use on a daily basis.

The ‘Neis Report’ as linked in Jillis_E comment is ‘the’ goto place to get a feel for one’s contributions, much more expansive than what is shown on the OSM profile. Oddly though the mapper ‘Juncus’ listed there has been on OSM since 2015, that’s 8 years, not 8 months and, does have 596 CS’s and 141K nodes added/changed to the name. The 20K is not what can be found there, but since 8 months is linked to ‘working the same area’ guess there’s some other tally keeper around, maybe those only in Grenada, Certainly Neis’ shows this block diagram that after interruption active mapping was resumed in September, so about 6 months since.