My diary entry on Bulgarian OSM

Dear Colleagues!

I’ve already post a new entry in my OSM diary: Piotr Strębski's Diary | Wspomóżmy bułgarską społeczność OSM | OpenStreetMap
Hope it will be helpful for PL-BG internationalist cooperation :wink: and for OSM development in your country.

Let’s support the Bulgarian OSM community
Posted by Piotr Strębski on May 31, 2024 in Polish (Polish).

Bulgaria is a country in southern Europe, bordering the Balkans and Asia Minor (Turkey). It is almost 3 times smaller than Poland in terms of territory, and almost 6 times smaller in terms of population; in the size of the OpenStreetMap community - almost 10 times smaller than the community devoting its time to Poland! All this means that even in the case of the largest cities in Bulgaria, it is easy to notice “white spots” that should be filled with buildings, sidewalks, car parks, etc., not to mention spatial development areas such as forests, farmlands, water reservoirs, etc.

Bulgaria is also - due to the Black Sea and the Mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, warm Mediterranean climate, tasty cuisine (Slavic-Balkan, with the influence of Turkish cuisine) and affordable prices (lower than in Poland) - a great place for tourism and relaxation (I am writing this all from my own experience).

Unfortunately, there are no good quality sources for mapping Bulgaria - you have to stick to the difficult-to-access cadastre data ( and Esri satellite images. But both of them, combined with the local Bulgarian community, which - thanks to tools such as StreetComplete, Every Door or the editor in OsmAnd - can “bottom-up” complete details unknown to us from the desk, often hundreds or thousands of kilometers from Bulgaria - constitute a sufficient set to support OpenStreetMap In Bulgaria. The help of the Bulgarian community will be reciprocated a hundredfold when visiting this underrated tourist country.