My data combined with OSM data


I make a project where I use my data to create a map in combination with OSM data (i.e. forest, lake, river etc.).

  1. How should I credit OSM data? Is something like this correct:
    Data Copyright 2011 “my data” and OpenStreetMap Contributors

  2. If I use such a combination my data can be licensed under different license than OSM data. Am I right? Only OSM data are still CC-By-SA? So if anybody wants to share the product he is allowed to do it only in case of OSM data without my data.

You need to provide more details about your use case. Whether your data can be licensed under a different license than OSM data depends on how exactly you combine the two:

  • What kind of “map” are we talking about? Printed maps, bitmaps, routable map databases, …?

  • What technique are you using to combine OSM data with your data?

You do need to mention that OSM data is available under the CC-by-SA 2.0 license. See the relevant entry in the Legal FAQ.

It will be something like electronic map maybe routable in the future, I will use my own data with combination of OSM data (it will be raw data like shapefiles or generated from osm xml). I will simply add my data and osm data in GIS software than generate map from the data. Part of data will be mine and part from OSM.

I’m still not quite sure that I understand what you are planning to do. But generally, if you release a product that is partially derived from OSM data and the OSM-derived parts cannot be separated from the rest of the product, then the entire product has to be released as CC-by-SA. If the product consists of separable parts, on the other hand, only the OSM-derived parts need to be CC-by-SA-licensed.

Under the current license, the data that was used to create the map never has to be published under a free license, only the end product (the map) is affected by CC-by-SA.

Note that different conditions may apply if OSM changes its license to ODbL in the future (as has been planned for several years now).

To be clear I’ve attached the hand made image :wink:

I hope it is clear image of the situation now.

How it is with the current licence and with the future licence if it comes to life?

If you are indeed creating and publishing one non-seperable image (or any other non-database product) based on both data sets, then …

… with the current license, that image has to be released under the terms of the CC BY-SA 2.0 (or later).

… with ODbL, that image could be released under any license, but you then would have to make those parts of your database that are necessary for reproducing the image available under the ODbL 1.0 (or later).

However, if you are creating and publishing a database (e.g. a file containing routeable map data), then

… with the current license, that database has to be released under the terms of the CC BY-SA 2.0 (or later).

… with ODbL, that database would have to be released under the terms of the ODbL 1.0 (or later).

In all cases, and with both licenses, you need to provide attribution to OpenStreetMap and its license with your work.