My current Location is wrong!

I have the current version Open maps and when I select my current Location The app brings up a different location. I want to correct this but it seems there no field or pop up to select

Hi John, I have remapped the apartment buildings in Potomac Commons and added the addresses for yours and some of your neighbors.

The routers available on the page (Graphhopper, OSRM & Valhalla) were routing to the shopping centre car park at the rear of your apartment so I shifted the address nodes from the building to the footway leading to the front door and now they route correctly. Any other map apps that use the data for routing should work correctly after they update their routing data.
Graphhopper route…

The Potomac Commons and Applegate boundaries are already mapped

“The Map App” you are using could may be any of a number of different apps…Google Maps or Apple Maps and many others are referred to as “the map app” too so I am not sure which one your are referring to.
Many of these have their own mapping data and don’t use the database data. Some may use the OpenStreetMap as background map but have separate routing data from many others sources.

I notice your recent edits on the osm were done using gnome-maps 42.3
From osm wiki website GNOME Maps - OpenStreetMap Wiki it states using the OpenStreetMap data and uses Graphhopper for routing.
Their website Maps – Apps for GNOME
An Introduction to GNOME Maps -
Your app may use this to locate your position… geolocation - How does gnome-maps get my current location? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
You may be able to add your address as a favourite or home in the app for convenient selection to navigate back home.

You may like to add your neighbors address nodes using the edit button on the, copying my method, or just add the address details to the building. either way is fine…mapping is very addictive so be wary.

Let me know if what I have done needs correcting.
Best wishes, Nev

Hi John, have you sorted out the location yet. I want to sort out your other osm edits so that they fit with osm convention. If you give me your current address and point me to the building I can map it for you. You can do that by direct message on the osm site as it is more private.
Nev Wedding

Hi Nev Wedding,
In response To Your Message You sent Me Today 04/22 in regards to to My current location on OSM . My address is 1332 Taney Ave . it’s an Apartment Development called Potomac Commons and Applegate I live in Potomac commons geo:39.433860,-77.415235;crs=wgs84;u=0 The Map App Has My location in a Shopping center next to My complex. Thanks, John