Mute/switch off categories?

In an other Discourse server (Openstreet Map) it’s possible to mute channels.

How is this done on this forum?

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Not sure what a channel is in the context of Discourse.

This is what I think is the root structure of this site:


So five “top” categories with currently only the Communities and This Site Feedback categories having sub-categories. These categories and categories can be muted but checking for myself I see they are by default set to normal meaning that you get only notified if you are explicitly mentioned (like @Msiipola)

Hopefully there is way of muting channels/subcategories I’m not interested in. In the Communities section are now only a few subcategories, but probably more will be added. And if muting is not possible I will get a (long) list of new messages every time I go this site. Most of them not interesting to me.

In the old forum I just opened those categories I was interested in (marked with new messages)

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That is for sure possible, for example Sweden - OpenStreetMap Community

One thing that seems different to me is that with the old forum all messages in all topics where marked as read (also the ones I never saw) when I did close my browser and reopen it. That was a kind of handy for categories I am not interested in but not for those I am interested in, sometimes you can not finished all new posts and like to see them the next time you visit. Not sure if everybody noticed this behavior of the old forum, would be good to hear.

So yes, I see a difference but for categories I am interested in and that is a good thing.

With this change we got also Latest where you see a list for the most recent post in all categories and that contains also categories I am not interested in. That is new functionality I still need to see how I am going to use it.

Each category or tag (and even individual topics) has the option to setup the notification level from the top right :bell:

I recommend checking this topic to know more about what’s possible on Discourse (not to confuse with Discord, a chat/audio/video tool)

thanks for info!

As usual “Read the manual” first! :grinning:

I have now browsed the manual, but I feel it’s quite complicated with all the possible settings.

Is muting communities section and enabling notifications for specific tag going to work? (I just tried this, but posts in Poland category are not frequent)

You don’t need to mute a category because by default you won’t get notifications (only @mentions).

You can just add notifications to specific tags and never been subscribed to a category for example. Or you can even subscribe just to individuals topics.

I hoped that muting will hide it from " here is 1 unread and 5 new topics remaining"

If that is not treated as notification - is there a way to achieve this?

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My understanding is that muted topics, tags or categories are not then listed as unread or new.

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I just tested it and it seems to work. :+1:

One minor limitation: There seems to be no option to remove a category from the list of new threads but still receive notifications for @mentions in that category.

It is possible to mute categories if you open your preferences to Categories. Currently I am mostly muting the categories within Communities.