multipoligon question

I use josm.

I have a park, which is 95% wood. in the other 5% is a duck pond, some leisure=playground and some landuse=recreation_ground.

A while back somone slapped a simple area to represent the whole park as landuse=wood, it was then turned into a multipoligon to romove the largest area of grass, I’m now considering adding a load more holes for other bits.

The problem comes when I realise that the name=* tag on the outside way, also has holes in it.

Is this acceptable? (I don’t like it, as it puts into question what’s in the park)

Is the only solution to manually trace the outline and make a second way using the same nodes, add a name=* tag to it, and nemove the other name, or is there a shortcut for this (it would take a while)

what should i do?

B) Related question – what happens if one of the holes has a hole?

2 separate multipoligons that happen to share one of the same ways?

for complicated cases (hole in hole etc.) please consider the advanced-multipolygon section in:

Chris :wink:

Advanced multipolys are nuts – that’s really impressive.

ok – so inner ways can be given tags that are unrelated to the multi, but if any tags are given to the outer, it affects the multi rather than way it’s self.

In this case, I have to use a multi poly for wood, and a separate way for the park, using the same outer nodes. So I will have a pair of ways following mostly the same node for most of the perimeter of the park?