Multiple maps all show up as "Openfietsmap Lite"


I have downloaded several IMG files from, and they appear to work great on my Oregon 600.
I have given the files different names in /Garmin so that I can tell which IMG file is which.
There is one small annoyance though, and that is that the maps all show up as Openfietsmap Lite on the unit:

With only two I can just disable one and then find out which one it was :wink:
But with many maps it is not possible to tell them apart.

Since these strings are obviously compiled into the IMG files by, it should be possible to compile custom strings into them.
So, as a feature request, it would be nice to have an extra input field on the web page that defaults to “Openfietsmap Lite”, but that is changable by the requesting user to say something else.
For instance “Nederland”, “Noord-Italië”, or “Alpen”.


It should be possible and I agree it would be great to see such feature implemented in the site.
On the other hand it is very easy to rename those maps yourself with Javawa Device manager,