multiple countries by select


is it possible to select multiple countries not only one countries. ‘Perhaps you’d like to add some additional tiles?’ is not optimal.

Under what circumstances are you “selecting multiple countries”. It sounds like you may be talking about a specific website - if so, which one?

This is quite offen. Form example, set Croatia and then Slovenia and Italia or Austria, because you are going to ski. Talking about your site.

Can you paste the url link from your browser address bar of the site you refer to please.

I not sure I am getting you. You think:

I thought you may have been referring to another of the well known sites that provides routing maps for a GPSr but I have only just found out about the new routing on the OSM and I am unable to assist with your query.

The routing seems to have been only added to the site in the last couple of days.
It is very impressive and lightning fast. Well done to all who provide it.


I back because english in not my first language. If you open there is just one entry “Choose a predefined country”. You can select one under Africa and one under Europe, only last will show. Bug, or not? Would be nice if I can select multiples country?

I don’t believe you can select multiple countries - i couldn’t, but i think your might have been able to do so some time ago, but i could be mistaken in that.
It would be best to ask in the Garmin sub forum instead as that is the place where the developer of the service, Lambertus, is most active. It is quite easy to add extra tiles to your initial selection by dragging the mouse over the ones required by manual selection.

Sorry, it was wrong folder.