Multiple Businesses co-occupying the same space

I was just working on improving the tagging on local businesses and came across an interesting situation. The Business in question is the Stirling Community Theatre. Who operate the building, and it’s assets to provide them to it’s four member companies. Typically when a member company is using the building, they have the whole building to themselves, and the companies do not have their own spaces within the building.

I was wondering how I might go about tagging the inclusion of the member companies here given they are not geographically separable.

I imagine a similar situation may arise in some community halls and recreation halls where multiple companies (yoga, martial arts, gymnastics etc.) are simultaneously based, however I can’t find any examples to copy.

Does anyone have any ideas or examples?

I would map the occupants as POIs within the building. Here’s a basic example:

And here’s a much more complex example in which a former school rents out individual classrooms to various educational institutions and other nonprofits, but a single classroom usually isn’t enough, so some of the tenants occupy multiple classrooms spread across multiple buildings on the campus. I used a site relation in one case where a single point would otherwise be far too ambiguous: