Multi tile & Multi layer maps not compatible?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a multilayer map with mkgmap. Because of limited memory (2GB atm) I have to use the tilesplitter to limit the number of points per file.
So I make 34 tiles (netherlands) and generate different types of maps (route, topo, bicycle) in their respective directories.

java -jar -Xmx2000m -ea splitter.jar --mixed --cache=../tmp --max-nodes=500000 --mapid=63240000 netherlands.osm

Note: file_list.args has no description :wink:

cd route
mkgmap --draw-priority=1 --route --index --remove-short-arcs --overview-mapname=Route --mapname=Route --description=Route --series-name=Route --family-name=Route --max-jobs=2 --lower-case --gmapsupp --read-config=../file_list.args
cd ../
cd topo
mkgmap --draw-priority=11 --remove-short-arcs --overview-mapname=Topo --mapname=Topo --description=Topo --series-name=Topo --family-name=Topo --merge-lines --max-jobs=2 --no-poi-address --no-sorted-roads --lower-case --gmapsupp --read-config=../file_list.args
cd ../
cd bicycle
mkgmap --draw-priority=12 --remove-short-arcs --overview-mapname=Bike --mapname=Bike --description=Bike --series-name=Bike --family-name=Bike --merge-lines --max-jobs=2 --lower-case --style-file=bicycle-style.csv --gmapsupp
cd ../

Then I used the following variants:

# Combining gmapsupp images
mkgmap --gmapsupp  ../route/gmapsupp.img ../topo/gmapsupp.img ../bicycle/gmapsupp.img 

# Combining all the partial images
mkgmap --gmapsupp  ../route/6*.img ../topo/6*.img ../bicycle/6*.img 

# Combining all the partial images including te named image (Route.img, Topo.img, Bike.img)
mkgmap --gmapsupp  ../route/*.img ../topo/*.img ../bicycle/*.img

Did I make a mistake or is mkgmap not (yet) capable of combining in the sense that I can choose maps?
I used this → for inspiration.
I have an Etrex Legend HCx for GPS.


You didn’t specify which GPSr you are using. Since you are combining gmapsupps, I assume its a 60CSX or earlier vintage, it will only take one gmapsupp. ORs,COs,and DKs can take more than one gmapsupp, but they need to be renamed.

You don’t want a gmapsupp for each Route, Topo, or Bike. Generate Route.IMG, Topo.IMG, and Bike.IMG and combine those IMGs with the gmapsupp parameter in a second mkgmap run.

I don’t see “transparent” in your command line. For all your maps to show at the same time, the 11, and 12 draw priorities will need to be transparent. Otherwise, you’ll need to turn individual maps on and off.

Thanks I’ll try that one :slight_smile:
I removed the “transparant” key as experiment and forgot put it back :s

I guess I misunderstood, but the images Route.IMG, Topo.IMG, and Bike.IMG are mere overview-maps. If I merge them, I end up with a 47k file…
As stated after the last command, I use a eTrex Legend HCx.
I used the same commands with transparent on the suggested layers and removed option gmapsupp
Last command covers the appointed files that appear to be quite small…
mkgmap --gmapsupp [list of files]


This batch file generates a map named 07250737.IMG from an MP file called Haven’t tried this with OSM files, but it should work the same.

java.exe -Xmx1280M -enableassertions -jar “c:\program files\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar” --route --net --description=“Bryce South,UT” --mapname=07250737

This batch file combines a number of IMG files into a single gmapsupp.img

java.exe -Xmx512M -enableassertions -jar “c:\program files\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar” --max-jobs=12 --ignore-osm-bounds --gmapsupp 07250735.img 07250736.img 07250737.img 07250738.img 07250740.img 07250739.img

I use a Vista HCx which can handle only one gmapsupp.img.

To combine three gmapsupp.img of different country tiles (the middle of Germany, the south of Germany and the north of Germany) I create these three regions as three gmapsupp.img with different family-ids and different desriptions and rename every single gmapsupp.img after the creation to germany-north.img, to germany-middle.img and to germany-south.img.

Then I use

java -jar mkgmap --gmapsupp --description="Germany splitted" germany-north.img germany-middle.img germany-south.img

The created gmapsupp.img can be used in my Vista HCx as combined map or I can switch off every of the three maps or one or two of these maps.

I hope that it is understandeable …


And I do something similar to flux, except I have gmapsupp_UK_base.img, gmapsupp_UK_routing.img and gmapsupp_UK_contours.img, with respective family-IDs, draw-priorities and transparency. I actually use sendmap to combine these into a single file because mkgmap messes up the transparency (it sets all layers transparent, when I only want the contour layer to be transparent).

I’ve never tried combining gmapsupp.IMGs. I guess the advantage is you can combine more than one multi-tiled mapset from multiple map authors without having to de-construct them into their separate IMG files?

For me, it’s just laziness and the way my mind works. :slight_smile: I prefer to combine three easily recognisable files rather than have to worry about wildcards and numerical filenames.

Separate tiles are the ones I see too… I can (de-) activate seperate tiles for different blocks of Holland.
Layers are a totaly different matter :wink:
Isn’t the transparent problem fixed by now?

Are you creating the original Route, Topo, and Bike.IMGs yourself, or are you using downloaded IMG files? I realize you are specifying draw order and transparency in you gmapsupp.img compiles, but if you are not creating the original IMGs there might be conflicts in them. They might be non-transparent, or a different draw order which could conflict with your desired output.

I’ve never tried creating a gmapsupp from other gmapsupps, so this is just speculation on my part.

I tried the following:
I split the tiles up with the splitter.
Next I ran mkgmap with the options
–description=20100012 (each layer a different number)
for Route Topo and Bike.

This generates the images from the split files an overview image and a tdb. With the routelayer comes Route_NL_mdr.img and Route_NL.mdx as well.

With this set of files, only the first set (route) can be selected. In de them selection is see “Route, Area 6324*, Feb 2010”.
As it looks like, mkgmap is not capable of merging image files atm.
The part about transparent not working right, might have to do with the route layer being shown without the others…
Only the tile configuration like the one from flux works. No layers (with mkgmap)… :frowning:
I think I’ll just have to keep an eye on improvements on mkgmap in merging files in tiles and layers…??

Let me just describe what can be done using MapSource. I create a non-routable transparent topo map product, which consists of a number of IMG files with 8 digit names. Using MapSource I can overlay this on a non-transparent, routable map product. MapSource combines them into a gmapsupp.IMG and sends it to my 60CSX. In the 60CSX I see the topo overlaid on the routable product. If I want to disable either map I can do that from the map setup menu.

Is that what you are trying to do with “layers”? You might also try using Sendmap2.0 to create the gmapsupp.IMG. See cdsf’s note above.

Reboll_NL: If you’re trying to create maps with multiple layers, you need to do the following as a minimum when creating each layer:

  • Ensure that you have set the draw priority of each layer properly
  • Ensure that you have set the transparency of each layer properly
  • If you want to be able to deselect an entire layer (rather than individual tiles) ensure that each layer has a different family ID
  • Ensure that every tile has a different mapname (even if each pair of tiles is based off the same original created by splitter)

The --description can be words - it doesn’t have to be a number.
You can optionally set --area-name, --series-name and --family-name. These control how individual tiles, and the whole layer, are described both on your GPS and in MapSource. I can never remember which one controls what, so I just set them all to the same thing.

Once you have created the layers, you then merge them using either mkgmap or sendmap.

Thanks csdf and Seldm! :slight_smile: