Multi stop route planner (from GM to OSM)

RouteXL is a multi stop route planner, that re-orders your destinations for the fastest itinerary, e.g. for pickups, deliveries or services on location. It has world-wide coverage and is free for any road trip up to 20 addresses.

Currently, its user interface is GM based, but server-side calculations run on OSM. To align stuff and give credit to the great work of all volunteers, we’re working on an OSM interface. It’s not production ready yet and things will change but we’d like some feedback at this point.

Check it out at

It is build with Leaflet and jQuery. Tiles come from several providers and can be selected via the options. To recognize addresses we use geo(de)coding services from Bing, Here, Photon/Komoot, MapQuest and Nominatim. Routes are calculated with Graphhopper and a touch of magic.

We’re kind of proud of the autofocus function. If you type an address in the search box, the autocomplete function will not only give you suggestions, but also move the map to the first one on the list :smiley:

How do you like this set up? Does it work for you?

[Update: we’ve switched to OpenStreetMap]

You asked me pm for permission to post this question on the Dutch forum, feel free to do so (I couldnt reply you somehow by email).

We did it, we’ve switched over to OSM. Check it out on our live website:

We’re still working on some issues, but generally it’s all working fine.

Thank you to all volunteers for the great work and feedback!

… but no posting about this on your blog?

Sure there is, but we did not publish it immediately :wink:

so far I have no user account for routexl …is this necessary to choose a different geocoder?

Because in Options on main screen I can only switch tile source.

(On there is the hint to change gocoder engine for special cases.)

PS: … and on your website there are still some texts referring to the former google-based user interface …

It is generally not necessary to choose another geocoder, unless you get bad results when entering or importing addresses. In most cases, geocoding works fine.

But if you want to set another preferred geocoder, an user acccount is required at this moment. It will also allow you to use more options, such as labels on the map, and setting parameters like currency and fuel economy.

PS: …thanks, we will review the website

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