Moving to a New Area - Yala

Dear OSM Community,

As discussed here we have completed Songkla. We are still open to feedback and happy to look at edits and make changes accordingly.

Our plan to map in Yala next. We have looked at the local tagging scheme and will add to the existing road network to fill in gaps.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Drishtie Patel on behalf of the OSM at Facebook Team

I’ve been working lately (4 hours per day for 6 months) on the map in the South, and don’t have any insight on the rest of the country.

The map has been terrible there due to bad images, Drish T was right to start there. (There are some unsung heroes who did great work with only GPS traces in the past, and I suspect left in frustration). Now there are much better images and so a huge amount work to do. Not that the images are all that great or consistent or well aligned. But better. A big qualified thanks to Digital Globe.

Re the recent upload of roads in Song Khla, I think they are generally good. In some areas, they (a sweat shop in India? Where does this come from?) had access to better images than we do. In other areas, they were stopped by clouds obscuring the road in every image (Mapbox, Bing, Digital Globe Standard, Digital Globe Premium).

There are some new images, but there are many areas where clouds obscure features on every image. I find that if a Bing image is available, it is better aligned and clearer than Digital Globe. Again, my experience is limited to the south.

In general, I approve of the FB contributions to Song Khla, and am very happy to get better images, but worry that we are losing sight of the OSM purpose of a community generated map. So I hope that we can work harder and recruit more mappers from the area and not have to rely on any corporation.

Thanks to Drish T for her and her team’s work.

Thanks for your feedback, Tom.

I’m finding the same to be true here in Alaska. The Bing imagery always seems to be better aligned than the DG Standard imagery. DG Premium is not available in any of the places I’ve needed it in Alaska.

(aka AlaskaDave)
currently in Palmer, Alaska, enroute to Glennallen and Tok

Hi All,

I don’t get it. What is (not) going on here? This should be a serious issue for OSM Thailand, and there is air. Someone out there must have an opinion. I am usually missing something ;-).

BTW, though I think the DG images are dumbed down for us and there are big gaps and they are not always aligned well, I still am spending most of the day drawing stuff from them. They are a big help in areas that had nothing in the past. Rather than adding another 7-11 in some busy metro area, we could be adding hundred of km of new roads and aligning hundreds of km of roads that are sometimes crazy wrong. Lakes, redrawing crooked rivers, the coastlines, adding brothels. Just kidding. But my time working on the map in the south has shown me the shortcomings of OSM here. They are generally easy to fix, but there a bunch of them.

Common civility suggests that some sort of answer to DrishT is required.

All the best, Tom

Hello Tom and Dave,

Thank you very much for your feedback. As for imagery I believe its still uploading for parts of the world, and I have a feeling it’s not an easy or fast thing to do so it should fill up over the next few weeks.

We are continuing to add roads trying to fix as much as possible as we move through these areas. You will see our edits in Narathiwat and Pattani next.

As always happy to answer any questions and love feedback.


Hello OSM Community,

We are now moving to Satun, Phatthalung, and Trang. Let us know what you think of our edits.


Probably slightly off topic, but some inputs have been added in the state of Perlis, Malaysia. E.g. changesets 50021029, 50021000 and 50020966.

So far, the additions seem good.

Hello AkuAnakTimur,

Thank you for your feedback. We actually have not officially moved to Malaysia, however these are some of the border cases where part of our task happened to fall in Malaysia.



We are moving to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phang Nga, Ranong, and Surat Thani. As always open to feedback!


First off, sorry for being so late—DrishT asked me for input when they began, but I haven’t had time for OSM in a while. I haven’t yet scrutinised the edits in much detail, but looking in the area of some of the newest edits I found this island of highway=unclassified in the middle of agricultural tracks, which it should also be. Is this something that your workflow would have detected? I see though that the area’s obviously still work in progress, as the area immediately to the west is still empty.

I found recently an increasing number of unconnected highway, or highways with open ends. By using all available imagery it is easily recognizable where they should connect to.

Check the greater area of:
15.151499, 100.1706516

Please improve your review process to be extra suspicious regarding roads suddenly ending.


As always thank you for the feedback. From what we see sometimes roads actually do just end at one house for examples. We see this especially in the more rural areas. Please also note we go in stages so sometimes you could be seeing areas we are still working on. I will also continue to work with the team to make sure we can get all the roads to connect.