Moving a river slightly to the left


Thanks to the new high-res satellite imagery available for Ireland I’m now able to complete lots of things like power cables and rivers. However, I’ve noticed that the Aherlow River in Co. Tipperary (which was added from the Landsat source) is slightly off and to the right from where it should be. Rather than moving every single point, is there a way to just move the whole thing to the left?

I should say, the udnerlying satellite imagery does appear to be aligned correctly as all the roads nearby which were added from GPS traces are fine.

This is the edit location



It seems you are using Potlatch 2. I can move a river as a whole using the following steps:

  1. click on the river to select it
  2. grab it in some place where there is no node - you may need to zoom in to get a sufficiently long nodeless segment - and drag it to the new position

Afterwards, you should check junctions, start and end nodes (which are shared with other ways that might now be distorted), as well as bridges over the river.