Motorcycle access to Expressway

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I’m helping Grab work to add explicit restrictions for motorcycles on the expressway/motorways and usually it would be motorcycle=no, however in checking their work I’ve encountered several edge cases for which I wanted to get community input. (

  1. There are usually signs at the entrance / exit of expressways but there’s a question of where these signs start applying. Example here you can see a sign in front but in the background there are motorcycles. This leads me to wonder, since the sign says “prohibited on expressway” where does the expressway start? Here’s an example of a sign that says no motorcycle allowed, but you occasionally see motorcycles using this road to connect to other (non-expressway) roads in the system.

  2. Another one is a sign that says clearly “no motorcycles allowed - 1000 baht fine” but it’s not clear whether it appleis to the left of the fork or to the right, the left of the fork seems to go on the expressway but the right goes to a u-turn bridge, does anyone know how distinguish between the two?

  3. There’s another case which is complicated, even tho there’s signage, it seem that motorcycles could use,,, and for u-turn and it connects with that’s a residential road. You can see the no entry sign at

Your comments are most appreciated.

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In general, I think motorcycles can use the link road before the toll gate to connect to another non-expressway road.

However, if there is a clearly visible no-entry sign like the last one, it appears to be illegal, although breaking the law may sometimes be the usual.