More than one file on SD card on a Nüvi 1350?

I have a Garmin Nüvi 1350. I use an SD card to get generated OpenStreetMap maps on it.

The map data goes to /Garmin/gmapsupp.img, which is one large file, containing the map data I had generated from Now, I was thinking if it would be possible to use several files, not just that one.

Now on are several maps, for countries and even federal states in Germany. Can I put several smaller maps on the SD card? The idea is to enable or disable maps, depending on if I need them or not.

Also, could anyone give me a tip how to put POIs on the device? Preferably by putting them onto the SD card as well.

If you are using a PC, get a copy of BaseCamp and MapInstall if you haven’t already. Download installable maps from and install them in BaseCamp. Then use MapInstall to transfer them to your nuvi. MapInstall will create multiple names for multiple IMG files. But some nuvis require that maps go into a \Map\ folder rather than \Garmin. MapInstall handles this. My 1490 uses the \Map\ folder. Get a copy of POI loader from Garmin to send POIs to your nuvi.

I simply copy the files to the SD card. My nuvi 1300 loads all the \Map*.img files. You cannot put two versions of the same map, if the internal id of both maps are the same.