More than 1 map on Garmin & how to make it deselectable

I came to 2 problems on my Garmin unit

  1. How to make an OSM map selectable/deselectable when it is created with mkgmap?
  2. How can I store 2 different maps on my Gramin unti?

Appreciate any tip

In older Garmin units (eTrex) you can only have 1 gmapsupp.img file. On newer units (Dakota, Oregon) you can have multiple files, they only have to have the .img extension. This way you can also select or deselect the maps you want to use in the Garmin itself.

Even within a gmapsupp.img you can have multiple maps that are deselectable. Each map must be created using mkgmap with a different family ID. Then merge the resulting tiles from all maps into a single gmapsupp.img file using the --gmapsupp switch and pop it into your GPS.

In a Nüvi having more than 1 .img file doesn’t work or probably something else more than just copying the file into the directory is needed.
The GarminDevice.xml only contains Suplemental Maps as “gmapsupp.img” it maybe not possible to have more than one Suplemental map in 2 separate .img files. I will try to add an additional “Data Type” on this xml file, who knows

I’ve loaded the osm map as PreProgramed Map “gmappprom.img” this works to have 2 maps from different vendors, but I still have the problem that I can’t deselect my OSM map which I have created downloading the .img tiles from Lambertus page and then compiled using Mapsettoolkit for MapSource

Will come back with other experiments

Answer depends on your gps model. You won’t receive much info until you reveal this secret :wink:
If you can’t deselect a map than most probably you have deleted basemap from your nuvi. Basemap is file gmapbmap.img.

Nüvi 205w
Basemap on it
I can select/deselect other map’s vendor, but I’m not able to do the same with the OSM map

Lambertus maps have all the same Family ID, maybe it helps if you split up those maps and give them different FID’s with mapsettoolkit.
Here is a howto deschription in Dutch, but with help from google translate you can figure out how to do it:

Actually, I always gave them a different FID. The only thing I’ve never used is the TDB changer, what’s that for?
Are the maps that you generate with mapset-toolkit selectable/deselectable on a Nüvi?

I tried to compile an Argentina.osm file which I downloaded from Geofabrik using mkgmap but gives too many errors, ergo I haven’t been able to generate an .img file ouit of it

Anyway I think the problem relies either in the generation with mapset-toolkit or in my unit

I don’t need to use tdb changer, on a nuvi 300 the osm maps are selectable if you send them to your gps with mapsource.
Think it should work for a nuvi 2 series as well.

user 6635 was very close, related to the basemap, but it looks like the basemap is somehow associated to a given map
A 3rd party vendor has its basemap which allows me to select/deselect its map but not the OSM one

then the question would be how to generate a basemap for a given OSM map or what do I have to change in order to achieve this goal
I’ve tried changing the FID of the 3rd party vendor map so as to have the same FID as the OSM one, this would give me a basemap + an OSM-map with the same FID. It did not worked but I realized that the FID change on the 3rd party map disabled the option to select/deselect its map

What do you mean by “can’t select/deselect”? There is no your map in nuvi menu? Or there is map but checkbox for selecting is not working?

Under menu tree: utilities/configuration/map/map info
you’ll find the maps loaded on the device with a checkbox for each one. The default configuration is a check on the box. I’d like to uncheck an OSM map so I can make tracks.

I dunno - as I said above, if each map has a different family ID, it ought to be deselectable. On my GPSMap76csx I can select/deselect all mkgmap created maps, as well as the basemap and international marine map that are hardwired into the GPSr. Is the Nuvi so different?

Every Garmin model seems to have differences in behaviour, my nuvi 3xx cannot make tracks, it seems the 2xx series can log a track with some hack?
I also know there are differences between the Dakota and the Oregon which can be very frustrating if you try to build a map.

Can you post the listing of the content of \Garmin directory on your nuvi?

I touched so many things that it start working


I’m looking how to add an image to the post, never done before, I have to look for a URL where to post them

A basemap has to be present, altough it isn’t showed on the map list under utilities/configuration/map/map info
Here the list what I have under Garmin

and several folders

I’ve modified the GarminDevice.xml adding a new data typ as osmmap.img but this didn’t worked
I’ve added a a map as gmapprom.img (pre programed) not listed above and a 2nd as gmapsupp.img (suplemental) and now are both working

Does someone knows how to boot a Garmin from a SD card into Windows CE?