More questions about tag values

Here are yet more questions, to make sure I’m doing it right:

  1. If I put in a Church, I put amenity=place_of_worship. I can do religion=christian. Then what is the right value for denomination, if it’s an Anglican/Church of England Church? We ought to be consistent, so which value is preferred? I would propose Anglican, unless there’s already concensus the other way.

  2. I have mapped a piece of common land. So I mark the area with leisure=common. There doesn’t seem to be a way to say that it’s actually grassland. Can I use landuse=grassland? This is “field” in which horses or cattle graze during the summer months. Somehow “landuse” doesn’t seem right, but there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

I’m sure there was a third question, but I can’t remember it now …


may we also add: religion=christian/protestantian or christian/lutheran?

I think Protestant isn’t necessary, because that is really just a grouping of a set of denominations. I’m not sure about Lutheran: is that a denomination? It might be. The (main?) alternative to Protestant is Catholic, but that is suitably covered in the denomination=catholic, I think.


Heres the wiki page on it >> <<, if you havn’t found it. Personally I don’t think its nessesery to split things appart other than for the visiual differnces. So a mosque will look very differnet to a church, but at the same time a modern church may just be a hall, so its inportant not to tag this as a church in the same way as a ye old church as people may look out for it as a key landmark.

Thanks for the pointer, Ben. I hadn’t found that. I’ve entered the discussion there.

Tony Q

That page is rather full. I wonder how nessesery a lot of those tags are. If we tag each building by each version of each religion that list could become huge. Personally I think for Maps, unless there are key visual differneces (church/mosque) then its not helpful for mapping, unless thats the place your looking for, but then thats becoming more like the yellow pages than a map.