More AI assisted editing


I just cleaned up unjustified mapping by user mCloud00. This time by using AI assisted mapping, testing on OSM live data.

This user was blocked before for showing editing activity not in line with community standards.

There are already some recent changeset comments hinting that his edits suffer from a quality perspective.

Please support in reviewing the recent edits. If one of the contributors more fluent in Thai could get in touch it would certainly be helpful.



mCloud00 has been driving me crazy for months. Sometimes I think he’s improving and other times not. Do you realize that in the space of just over a year he has risen to the rank of No 1 contributor in Thailand?

Just something to think about. If we had to make even minor corrections to even a small percentage of his work, which is often sloppy or poorly thought out, it would occupy much of our combined effort and would take at least as long as the time he’s spent in OSM.

It’s scary to realize that there’s not much we can do about this sort of volunteer. He’s a very hard worker who on the surface is cooperative and amenable to suggestion. Unfortunately those suggestions seem to have had little effect on his methods because the poor mapping practices continue unabated.

I honestly don’t know what to do about him.