More 360° imagery for Belgium

We already posted this on talk-be but I’m adding it here for extra visibility. Een Nederlandstalige vertaling kan je daar ook vinden; tu trouvera une version en francais la.

During the recent official OSM Belgium meeting [1], we decided we’re going
to buy a 360° camera for use by OSM Belgium volunteers.

As you may be aware, Mapillary donated a GoPro 7 to OSMbe some years back,
with much success [2]. (mostly thanks to polyglot, Thierry1030 and myself)

We’ve also created an “organisation” of OpenStreetMap volunteers that use
their own hardware [3]. Just to show how much of the Mapillary coverage is
thanks to us.

With OSMbe we’ve written before about how important open streetlevel
imagery is [4]. While this has had some success (experiments by WVI [5],
full 360° coverage in Oostrozebeke, Ham and Londerzeel, all mapped by, there’s still much terrain left uncovered.

Mapillary and KartaView provide a low barrier to entry in street level
imagery, because they make it easy to contribute with any device from a
smartphone up to professional equipment. **But if we want to make the case
for professional users to switch to these platforms - and hopefully
contribute more - we need higher quality imagery. The 360° experience that
even a simple GoPro Max can offer is a big step up in user experience from
most devices. That is why we want to invest in this.

We need your help for this project.

First, we intend to buy a GoPro Max 360 and the necessary accessories to
use it on a bike, on foot and on a car. We’d like to lend this kit out to
volunteers like you
who can commit to using it for some time with some intensity.
Ideally, you can map your entire municipality. Or perhaps a specific topic
(shopping streets, long distance hiking routes) for a larger area. Simply
send us an email at community at with your proposal, and we’ll be in

But we can use more help:

  • right now, Mapillary is the most popular platform in Belgium. While the
    data is open, the platform itself isn’t. And it’s owned by one of the
    largest tech companies in the world. Can you help us spread the images
    wider? Can you help even with simple offline storage of the massive amount
    of data created?
  • we’re doing this not just to improve quality and coverage ourselves.
    We’re doing this to inspire other people (companies, government
    organisations) to do the same. Can you help us find partners? Contact your
    local municipality, aks your employer, suggest other options. All help is
    welcome on this front!

Note that we already have a GoPro Hero 7 (donated by Mapillary) and
necessary kit for car and bike (donated by yours truly), that we can also
lend out for your projects. There’s something to be said for using both
devices at once, as the Hero series offer higher resolution images than the

We’re looking forward to your thoughts, comments and especially your offers
to help :slight_smile:

Joost Schouppe
For OpenStreetMap Belgium

P.S. also a little shout-out to filipc, who has covered a huge part of
Flanders and Brussels and is number 5 in the -world- when it comes to
contributing to Mapillary


I cannot commit myself to x km of acquisitions on y days, but if available, I’m willing to give it a try in the spring or summer period if the system would be available (region Grobbendonk, Nijlen , Herentals)

intussentijd kunt u al vanuit stilstand met een smartphone interessante zaken fotograferen.


Dat heb ik in het verleden ook al meermaals gedaan, maar dat is toch wat minder efficiënt (mogelijks ook omdat dit wat ad hoc was).
Bovendien is de meerwaarde van zo’n 360°-camera toch wel aanzienlijk.

Hi everyone !

I can’t believe it took me so long to find this forum ! Thanks Joost for redirecting me here ! :slight_smile:

Quick intro: Stéphane De Greef, originally from Charleroi, living in Brussels since 2019 after 20 years doing data/map stuff under the tropics.

Despite my professional life, I hadn’t been contributing much to OSM until recently, but I’m in the process of amending this. I’m (among other things) currently volunteering at the Sonian Forest Foundation and working with Kevin Baker to correct lots of little problems in the forest paths and what type of users can access them.

More relevant to the topic, I’m currently systematically mapping all my bicycle commutes and longer trips on Mapillary. I’m using a GoPro Max, a slightly elevated helmet mount and a higher DIY backpack mount. Horizon isn’t 100% straight (if you know how to fix this in batch?) but I believe the images are still usable. You can find all my content at

My current goal is to systematically shoot in 360 as much of Brussels as possible over the next 4-6 months. Then I’ll do the same in some remote jungle of Asia or Latin America. :smiley:

Question: how does one join the Mapillary mosmbelgium group? I can’t see my images on it so I guess I need to join somewhere? Or can you add me?

Nice to meet you all !


For those interested in more about me: and

Hi Stijn,
If there are no larger commitments, I’m sure we can work something out in the following months.

Welcome Stef!
I’ve added your account to the mosmbelgium group; and added a note to the group description on how to sign up.
By the way: most action is at ; if you need quick replies, that’s the place to be. But it can be high volume (so feel free to just jump in when you need something)

Dirk Dedoncker of has finished shooting all the roads that are part of the BFF (bovenlokaal functioneel fietsroutenetwerk) in Lierde and Pepingen. He’s gotten some enthused feedback from his clients in the municipality administration. He would actually like to continue with a few more municipalities he has projects in, but someone else was waiting to get started!

Today, I have sent the 360° camera (as well as the old GoPro Hero 7 donated by Mapillary) to Pierre Serpe in Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, who will do all the streets in his municipality for a project with the Gracq.