moped_a / moped_b and similar

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Was there any decision whether to write these country specific access tags for various moped classes with a capital or minor letter?
Currently we have both versions in the database:

Of the two most used tags I found instances in Belgium only. I looked this up because I had never seen these tags before.


This is a difference that is used in Belgium, which you could see in overpass.
Where the law indicates the difference by means of a letter A and B and P.
This should be translated into world OSM access tags.

Better to ask in this part of the forum, although Belgium mappers are reading also here. :wink:

Belgium conventions
about A and B and P
On traffic_signs.

In the Netherlands we use mofa (snorfiets) and moped (bromfiets), the law makes the difference between those two groups.
Rules in the law also stipulate that a snorfiets (mofa) must follow the rules of the bicycle, unless otherwise specified, so a bicycle icon also applies to a mofa (snorfiets) moped.

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