Montreal: copyright issue, tracking changes and new forum request


I am new to OSM, I have been adding a few routes and bike paths in Quebec, Canada. I have the following newbie questions:

1- at first I tought the (C) YourName in maps was a nice idea to show who mapped what, until someome came along and changed it on most streets in the Montreal area.

2- is it possible to see a log of modifications to maps in my region?

3- could we have a “users: Quebec” forum? The french-speaking conversations have mostly been on other forums or irc channels. There seem to be many people mapping in Quebec, it would be nice to have a common place where to chat.

I am using the latest josm for my edits.

matt (aka “bgm” on OSM)


The (c) shows indeed who last edited a certain feature on the map. This is afaik mainly because showing everyone who edited a specific feature is undoable. Also, the planet dump only contains the name of the last editor.

Yes. On the feeds page are a few links given where you can find out what is going on.

I don’t plan providing forums for every area in any given country that feels like it needs it’s own forum. I say this not out of disrespect but it seems impossible to me to provide a service to this detailed level (Switzerland alone would need 4 subforums: french, german, italian and swiss for example). What I can do is create a subforum for Canada. Will that suit you?

Hi, thanks for the answers!

I understand, no problem, “Canada” would be great.


Done :wink:

I’ve just thought of making a new rule for those who request their own subforum: You’ll have to make a nice start post. How about that?