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Hello OSM Africa, i was just thinking why don’t we host two mapthons in a month to cover many countries per year instead of 12 in months just.
What do you think?


Thank for starting this discussion @Charles96 - I think the best way would be to have the two, one which is country-specific and then the second one that brings everyone together, meaning each country can have its own monthly mapathon at country level, then the monthly OSM Africa one at regional level.

The way the OSM Africa mapathon is currently structured is that it goes to a different country and region every month, and it would take us 54 months ie 4.5 years to reach each and every country. But that should not stop countries to host their own mapathons, there is already countries doing this like Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia has started as well. It would be great to have 53 monthly country mapathons happening alongside the OSM Africa monthly one.

The OSM Africa monthly mapathon is also online, and happens at the beginning of every month. But the country level one can be either online or in-person which is more engaging and more fun. Lets see how we can keep track on how many events happen every month.


Well explained @Kateregga1 thank you so much for these insights

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@Kateregga1; when are the monthly OSM Africa mapathons? Is there a notice board / Tasking Manager?

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@arkriger the mapathons are always at the first Friday or Saturday of every month

thank you @Geoffrey Kateregga

How would I know which country/ region/ area we’re mapping?
Is there a notice board / tasking manager? a wiki? —that shows past and upcoming?

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I found the link.
Adding it here for prosperity → OSM Africa Monthly Mapathon [English] - HackMD