I am new here, but I have a question.
I am using an old gps (Garmin eMAP), but I lost my maps (MetroGuide Europe V6).
I am wondering if it is possible to create a map from the Netherlands with only the streets/biketrails and streetnames?
So I can recreate the map from the Netherlands in only 32 mB.

Or, if someone have those small maps…

Thank you in advance

Hi Researche,
It looks like your cross posting on different platforms, correct ?

Hi Researche
You may find these maps suitable for your gps
Not sure if cycleways are included but you may find info on the Gps Maniak site to enable you to modify and produce a more suitable map

If above is not suitable have a look here, though you may struggle to get something small enough to fit.

The bbbike site allows for to choose your own smaller polygon instead of a whole region.

Do you have a smartphone? (If so, what kind?) Even an old, retired unit can be loaded up with a good offline map app and maps, cell service not required, and it would certainly have more memory to work with.