Monitoring trails

I’m looking for a script to help me monitor the trails in Sweden for gaps and other changes.
Does anyone have code to follow changes to a specific set of IDs and their children?

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I would advise getting in touch with the maintainer of The experimental Monitoring function of this web application is changing our lives as maintainers of long trails here in our country.

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I already talked to them a little, and I got a very swift and detailed response in another matter :smiley:

I’ll put it on my to do list.

I use database_qa_scripts/ at main · SomeoneElseOSM/database_qa_scripts · GitHub to check the number of components of a relation in a local database, and to see when ways have accidentally been added to a superrelation.

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I tested this online monitoring tool on a couple of longe distance hiking routes in Nederland. A correct route can be monitored for changes/errors: you pinpoint the correct route as “frozen” reference (by date); from then on, every time you look at the monitor, you’ll see
a. Continuity errors (mostly mapping errors)
b. A list of differences between the reference route and the current route (relation) in OSM

So you’ll have to start it actively, no rss-feed or the like, but you can use it yourself to monitor changes.
If you fix an error, the result will be visible in the monitir within, say, an hour, after a refresh.

Is this the type of monitoring you are after, @PangoSE ?