Monitoring specific tag changes in an area

Hi all,

Is there a tool / feed that lets me monitor specific tag changes in an area? I would like to know, for example, when another mapper changes road classification for primary and secondary roads, or removes refs from them.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


There was OWL at some point, but it seems to be dead now. I think you could do a similar thing by creating a filtered RSS feed, but I’m not really sure about the specifics. Although, there’s actually something that still works along those lines here. So I know it’s doable that way. Maybe someone’s created something more intuitive since the last time I looked into it though, which admittedly was a while ago.

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With OSMCha you can create a filter to monitor all changes to primary and secondary roads. I don’t know of a service with more fine grained filtering.


With OSMCha you can also define a specific bounding box where the filter settings are used.
Besides this you can couple a RSS-feed to any changes seen by the filter.

The only drawback I have seen with this, is the bounding box is a square, which maybe is not exactly the area you want to monitor.


There is a “BBox size bound” parameter. Though it’s not extremely precise or obvious.

OSMCha is very useful but it doesn’t give me the control that I need in this case. There are a few mappers in my area that have a tendency to liberally change highway classifications, and I would like to keep an eye on those specific tag changes (so if a changeset contains a way that was highway=secondary before and is now something else).

As I still don’t know another tool for that, I can only try to narrow down the needed OSMCha filter. If you add “Invalid tag modification” to the filter I suggested above, there will likely still be some false positives, but it should be quite close to what you need.