Monitor relations

I know there are many options to monitor its own area (per tiles, with rss, with invalid tags, etc.) Is there any tool to monitor changes on the map based on relations and its members? (relations with specific tags).

I am doing something with overpass but I would like to know if there are something more elaborated:

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Does “looking at changes in a database” count? If so have a look here and here.

That is an option, but it implies you have downloaded the OSM data into your database, and then you perform queries on the database. So, it is not an automatic nor public option, but a customized environment for specific purpose.

I do a similar thing with the script I mentioned, but instead of a local database, I download the relations and their members from overpass, and I schedule this in a crontab. I keep track of the downloaded files with git, and I track the changes if the git commit is different. It is automatic, but it is also in a customized environment, nor a public thing, like a RSS or similar.

I was looking for something more generic. I imagine something like a website where I put an overpass query for the subscription, and then I get a notification of the changes with RSS or mail.

I’d really like something like this. There are plenty of solutions if you’re prepared to run a planet-sized database. It’s neither easy nor cheap to do so (I ran one in the past). Running a spatial subset e.g. a country is also quite well supported I believe (though I haven’t done this).

There doesn’t however really exist a standard method to monitor for a specific theme via tags - I’m personally looking at crag (cliff) data and the solution I’m going with is monitoring OSM change files (minutely diffs) for the tags of interest. I will have to look up the ways and nodes via Overpass - then the data get persisted to a small but fast edge-replicated KV store.

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