Monet saaret puuttuvat Suomen rannikolta

Sorry, my Finnish is very poor, so I write in English.

I am currently on a sailing trip along the Finnish coastline, and my position and my route is shown on an OSM map on my page Today it is the second time that it seems that I am sleeping on the water because the islands are missing.

What does it depend on whether an island is already mapped or not?

OK, this is OpenStreetMap and everybody can join and edit. So I did. But even some days later, my edits are not yet completely rendered: Is this delay normal or are there mistakes in my edits?


Nice that you have join to update OSM in Finland. Finland is pretty big country and we don’t have so many mappers.

Coastline is rendered differently than other features: it might take several days when coastal islands will appear. My experience is between 7-14 days (aka 1-2 weeks). More information here: