MOIN import issues (relations not closed or missing)

I realized that there are still missing or not closed relations from the MOIN import
Meaning that are starting somewhere without being connected to each other.

Last problematic / missing MOIN relations:
data is taken and checked from the not updated script of Tal ( (Several problems because it is not possible to look behind the text elements and see where the relation has to be)

Following Relations need to be checked if existing:

  • Miilia (where is it?)

It would be great if somebody can help to check if there is a solution for those one…

(note: I fixed a lot relations today, and the data of Geofabrik is not updated daily)

In general, the MOIN import work is not finished, so this is no surprise. The solution is just to continue manual tracing as described here.
Of course boundaries could be split and therefore individual ways may be not closed.


It is still not finished? And also the wki script showing us missing or uncompletad relations is nor working anymore.

Is somebody interested in completing the moin import in a very short time? I would like to invest with some others a day or more to get the moin import finished.

I mean if we cant get a mapping party done, maybe we can get 2-4 people taking care together for the last missing or uncompleted relations.

Edit: As you can see in the 1. post I have started working on them.
It is very easy and straight forward and I hope that I havent missed any uncompleted.

Hi folks,

just wanted to give you a update:

I think I managed to go over all missing and problematic relations of the MOIN import.
I could only find one open issues:

Several problems because it is not possible to look behind the text elements and see where the relation has to be:

Do we have the blue lines in a image only without the text on top of it?

I will have to wait for the next update of geofabrik to check if I really fixed all problems or maybe created new problems (the last update is from 2011-12-24 20:00 (UTC)).,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes

If you saw some problems in MOIN relations or you know there is one missing, please post where the issue is and I will fix it.

Thanks Mr_Israel!

Are you referring to areas which are “blank”, i.e. without any administrative entity associated with it (ללא שיפוט)?

I mean if you use this link ( and browse to you will see that it is impossible to guess where what relation is going to. The problem is that the text like (ללא שיפוט) and others are overlapping the boundary, so you can’t see where it belongs, too.

If you can check that area or provide me a bland boundary image where no text is overlapping, we can define the moin import as successfully finished.

Thats good. Geofabrik has run a update of their map data (2011-12-26 20:00 (UTC))
Seems like all current shown relation problems are already solved.

Good time for a tea and some cookies.

That problem seems to have no solution right now as the MOIN refused to give us a clean image/vectorized data.

BTW, I still see some unclosed relations in the Geofabrik link you provided. Is it OK?

no problem, thats how it is.

the geofabrik data is one day old.
and yesterday and today i found small problems here and there.
today i went over almost all relations and checked the withthe relation analyser and found just one issue that i fixed right away.
i hope tomorrow we will have less problems showing up.
after tomorrow hopefully no problems at all. you know as good as i do, that this is a continues process to get all relations fixed. i expect that we can announce the complete import in around 1 week.

btw: how important is the existance of the relation center node for the future use?
if talkats script would be working it would be easy to acomplish. but as we dont have it…

I think I found the issue at the last relation : 1376824 around Beer Sheva.
The analyze showed me the relation in Grey (“not possible to check”).

Now that I changed the relation from multipolygon to boundary it appears green without any issues.

Rather the analyzeRelation tool is not working properly with multipolygon or I we had a mistake with the usage of multipolygon.

i can confirm that all relations from moin are completly imported into openstreetmap.

no relation problem has been found by myself.
and i checked all common relation checkers.