Modern B&W OSM flyer/handout

Just a thought, but has anyone recently made a basic but enthusiastic flyer that could be handed out to anyone curious about what you’re doing while mapping as a way of explaining what you’re doing and helping to explain the OpenStreetMap project?

I know about Flyers and posters - OpenStreetMap Wiki, but I can’t quite find what I want.

I’m fond of ‘zine-style black and white handouts (and I only have a B&W printer), and the whole DIY aesthetic. It’d be nice if it had a bit on modern smartphone apps too, and encouraged people to try Organic Maps, or StreetComplete / Vespucci / Every Door if they’d be interested in contributing or getting their kids’ school involved maybe.

Trifold A4 seems like the best format for printing out a quick stash to have something ready.