On the request of joost schouppe I have assigned two people as moderators of Belgium forum:

As this was done purely from technical reasons and might not reflect the view of the Belgium community, I treat it as a interim solution, which can be changed if this community will object, otherwise after some time with no objections it can be called permanent (it’s just a social issue, no technical action will be needed).

Feel free to comment here.

Rather then objecting to their ‘nomination’, I’ll hereby second it.

Key people within the belgian OSM community, and certain rights here would make it easier to bridge with other communication channels.
It’s not like the forum activity requires day and night patrolling here, or that these two would suddenly go ‘mad with power’ and rule with an iron fist.

Solid choice.

Joost and Escada are both well respected members of our community and dare to say , driving forces behind the Belgian OSM adventure. I also support this choice. Anyone who thinks the reverse is a disgruntled person and most probably not at the core of our active community.