Moderation and moderator(s)

This community is quite active and it can be helpful to have one or two moderators to make topic sticky or intervene when discussions get out of hand. I would like to hear if A) you think there is a need for moderator(s) and if so: B) who would you nominee or C) if you like to volunteer.

Thanks for your input.

Yes, we definitely need one.

Mr_Israel is one of a most active forum members, and he have short response times, so I’d propose him for this role.
And if no one else from more “senior” member become a volunteer, I can be.

I agree with yrtimiD answer.
I couldn’t say it better :slight_smile:

yrtimiD and Mr_Israel if nobody else wants to jump in.

I agree

yrtimiD and Mr_Israel thank you for volunteering and welcome on board as the moderators for the Israeli community! :smiley: