Moderated Posts

Hello Everybody.

I’m not really new here, but have written only very few post so far.
All of those seem to had to be released by moderation. Fine by me, but causes some delay.
Directly after submitting some page flickers through for fractions of seconds. That’s where I think, I picked up “Moderator” or such. And then its some delay before the posts show up…

Is that a general caution (atm?), or effective only for newbies? In case of the latter: dependant on which criteria?

Could not find any forum rules, sorry. I DID search though…



The first couple of posts of every user need to be manually released by moderators. That measure was introduced to counter a flood of spam a few years ago.

I suspect this restriction will go away with the upgrade to a more modern forum software (Discourse) that is being worked on – it certainly isn’t great for the user experience. In the meantime, I’m trying to frequently review and unlock these posts and I’m sure the other moderators do the same.

Thanks for clearification.
I already thought as much, but on the other hand was in doubt, whether something with my account might have been wrong.

Although lurking around occasionally, I did not remember ever registering an account here, but tried my OSM credentials before registering one and whoops… was in. But still w/o having a registered email-address in the profile. Felt strange…:rolleyes:
Whatever, I probably just messed up my key-manager.

Thanks for your patience and commitment.
Already got very helpfull support on an other topic; so good to be in.:slight_smile:

Hah, this post went through immediately…