mod_tile tile rendering very slow from Zoom 8-10.

I have imported the whole planet with command osm2pgsql --slim --drop --flat-nodes flat-nodes.bin, because planet updates are not required. I have extremely slow zooming (10 sec) from 8-10. I have 32 GB RAM and SSD. How can i speed up this zoom level 8-10?

Is there some additional index(es) must be created after standard install procedure? Google give a couple examples what indexes could be created, but is there some “must have” indexes, that must be created?

You mean actually rendering the tiles? I’d say 10 seconds for rendering a tile in Z 8-10 isn’t that slow - depending on what is shown it might even take significantly longer (think of e.g. something like London). There is simply a huge amount of data that has to be processed for these tiles and zoomlevels.
These tiles are usually not rendered “on the fly”.
People usually prerender all tiles at least until Zoomlevel 12, and only do on-demand-rendering for the higher zoom levels.
If you’re using renderd, have a look at the render_list command. If you’re using tirex, tirex-batch is your friend.

Thanx, i mean without rendering, zooming is pretty slow, it takes 5-6 seconds. Like you setup fresh server and try to open map. When you have done a command like render_list -m default -a -n 12 -z 0 -Z 12 zoomig is working fine, but without pre-rendering in some cases maps give 404 error with blank tiles. So, the question is how to speed up map without render_list?

You need to change values in your /etc/apache2/modules.d/14_mod_tile.conf

ModTileRequestTimeout 20
ModTileMissingRequestTimeout 10
ModTileMaxLoadOld 10
ModTileMaxLoadMissing 50

I do not know if my values are any good but I do not get 404 error from time I placed them :wink:

Thank you, i will try these settings.