Mobile OSM editor?

Are there any plans/projects to build a simple OSM editor suitable for handheld devices?

I’ve just out of couriosity started with a simple gnome/hildon application. The basic looks are similar to potlatch and the entire thing is based on gnomecanvas. It currently runs on the nokia n800/n810 and the gtk linux desktop.

However, this is by far not finished and currently only allows to zoom/pan around the map and edit tag settings. So there’s no need for beta testers yet.

Is anyone willing to work on this? Or is there a similar project i should spend free time on rather than starting my own thing?


I think you can get alot of experience by doing it yourself, there are alot of very interesting problems to solve to get a good mobile editor. If you just choose a small problem to solve you can probably make a very nice editor pretty fast.

There are editors running on mobileplatforms, Josm works on the Nokia I’ve heard (albeit very slowly), you have Python for the S60 phones, and perhaps Merkaator which might be compilable for Nokia 800 it’s QT so I don’t know…

OSM2Go is advancing fast and the latest version is pretty usable. The main features are:

  • Distributed via Nokias repositories for the Nokia N800 and N810
  • Can be compiled for pure GTK+ (e.g. Linux desktop PCs)
  • GPL
  • Optimized for small screens, slow machines and low memory
  • Clean potlatch style map view
  • Presets handling using JOSMs preset config files
  • Project management
  • Area import from Maemo-Mapper (a map viewer application for Maemo)
  • Support for WMS server
  • Creation/deletion/modifications of nodes and ways
  • Way splitting and joining

The entire thing is still under development, but i managed to map my entire home village
with it. All functions necessary for this are preset.



Nice, an OSM editor for my (pre-ordered) Pandora

Lets hope you get it in the batch before January. Yes the Pandora do seem like a very good GPS device especially the dual SD card, Bluetooth & USB 2.0 Host. Would be perfect with a GPS logger, and a mapnik tile dump.

There isn’t a Maemo port for the pandora yet, is it? Anyway, as long as the pandora comes with gtk porting it shouldn’t be too hard.

An openmoko port is also being worked on, perhaps the efforts done there will also be usable for a pandora port.


You can supposedly install Ubuntu on the Pandora+Firefox…

Well I assume that all useful Maemo applications will be ported to Pandora very quickly after the Pandora is shipped.