Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong on my script. I’d like to navigate using street’s crossings and most of the times the GPS shows no results when actually the crossing really exists and has no visual differences from one that is find by the GPS. I’m using a Nüvi 205w
Appreciate any answer

java -Xmx1024m -enableassertions -jar $WORKDIR/mkgmap.jar $OPTIONS
–copyright-message=“Colaboradores de OpenStreetMap, CC BY-SA - Argentina”
–read-config=$pais.args > $pais.log 2>&1

Try with the --index --tdbfile --gmapsupp options.

BTW, I’m tryng to generate the maps for Uruguay, and having problems with the locations of the cities and in which city each PIO is located.

¿Your map is the one available in ?

Si Sr. también pusimos un link en la página de UY, además se armo el límite de UY y le pedí a Ramm (Geofabrik) para q agregue a UY en su base de dumps como país. Estamos trabajando en un mapa de Sudamérica (AR+UY+CL+PY+BO+Sur de BR)
Podes entrar al foro de AR, son bien venidos