mkgmap: Why do polygon types 0x10100-0x10105 work but not x010106+

I have what I think is a strange problem creating polygons with extended types (I am compiling .mp files). Through much debugging I discovered that if I set my custom polygon type code to 0x10100…0x10105 they display correctly but any type > 0x10105 does not display in basecamp or the device. I have seen example TYP files that have many polygons with types > 10105 so presumably, these are value codes. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong and, ideally, point me to some documentation that would explain this behavior.


OK, I answered my own question. I was reading the documentation and it’s very clear that every polygon type must be specified in the **_drawOrder **section of the TYP file. After adding my custom types to the _drawOrder section, they all display. Why the 0x10000-0x10005 worked without being in the _drawOrder section is a mystery.