mkgmap to garmin - bridleway

Can any one explain why a bridleway is listed on my garmin as a lane or alley. I would really like to have it listed as Bridleway. Also the image line is grey/white dash, and again I would like to show as green/white dash. Footpaths are marked as Red/white dash but labeled as Trail. Straight compile, no styling added.

Which map did you download? It really depends on the style the map maker is using.
In the default mgkmap style (OSM generic from, bridleways are indeed rendered the same as cycleways and service roads (lane or alley)
On the OSM generic new style bridleways are rendered as paths or footways.
If you download the Openfietsmap lite from (or the full version from my site), it will say bridleway.
If you dont like the colours you can adapt the typ file.

Thank you for your reply,

Could you give me some pointers on how to change the default mgkmap style as I am a little confused whether this is in a lines file or a .TYP file that this is changed ? I understand the colours are controlled by the .TYP file.

You have to edit it in the lines file:
In the default style bridleways get the garmin type 0x07,

Now change this 0x07 with a free routable line type which isnt used (like 0x10, 0x11, 0x12, 0x13)

and in the typ file you make a bitmap or vector line for it and also set the description (bridleway) that you see on the map.
An example for a typ file you can find here (edit it with a programm like TYPviewer)

Thank you, I will spend some time testing.