mkgmap style and TYP available that would suit motorbike trail riding?

Hi. Looking for something similar to what’s available from openfietsmap but without the focus on bicycles. Anyone know where I can source?

As there’s restrictions in most countries on riding motorbikes on paths maybe no one has done this before, but here in Thailand there generally aren’t any restrictions as it’s how most people get around in the countryside. (No, these certainly aren’t ‘leisure’ ways for sport or competition and some ways are definitely paths as not wide enough to be classed as tracks.)

I would set paths and footways to be shown separately with subtle emphasis on the few paths that have restrictions making them footways, cycleways or bridleways to act as a warning. Also, Paths, Tracks, Footways shown at the same resolution as minor roads - things like this to suit… Not bothered about it being routable as I don’t think paths and tracks should be for motor vehicles.

Any help appreciated. I can start hacking into the style and typ that comes with mkgmap and openfietsmap but if I can find something a suitable style and typ combo to start with then that would save time.


Did you try to contact AlaskaDave ? According to his interview, he maps a lot in Thailand and made a map for Garmin himself.

Ah - heard that name before… Will check and see if he uses a custom style and TYP. Thanks.

Is there a resource where people share custom styles anywhere?

You can find the ones for here:

Yes, got them already thanks. Yours is good - great detail - just I’d have to strip a lot of the cycle focussed stuff out. The generic doesn’t have as good points detail when I compare with QMapShack.

Checking through the TYP and point files for ‘generic new’ and lots of POI references don’t match up. Is there a correct one available somewhere?

I’m afraid there isn’t. If a poi is missing the default Garmin rendering is used.
Maybe you can look at the project for more suitable examples.