MKGmap Postcodes and Garmin

My weapon of choice is a Garmin Nuvi 50, which uses gmapsupp.img in it’s memory card to tell me where the heck I’m going.

My work gives me postcodes to locate the various jobs for the day. Without postcodes, I’m lost.
I live in Scotland, right next to the newly build M8 and M74 motorways.

You have a system which makes a gmapsupp.img for me with (hopefully) updated roads. But it doesn’t do postcodes.

I have to drive to different locations every day, invariably along the M8/M74, which the garmin now insists I am driving on grassland and farmer’s fields, and demands I turn around and head for a road all the time. This was alright at the start of the road works 2 years ago, but now it lasts for about 90 miles.

Garmin have always been useless at updating the roads in Scotland, so no hope there. But it does do postcodes.

Your image file when downloaded is much better, but as it doesn’t do postcodes, is of no use.

I have downloaded the British postcodes (all 2 and a half milion of them) with latitude and longitude to 7 decimals. I also found somewhere that I should process the csv file to an OSM file using GPSBabel. This I have done.

I’ve downloaded MKGMap as well as the latest osm.pbf, and I’m ready to go! Somewhere…

Bearing in mind I can only use Linux, what should I do next?

I don’t think that mkgamp supports post codes in address. You better create a map, which uses post code as a POI label or street name.

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