mkgmap need a -max-ways split test as well as a -max-nodes

Cairo, Egypt, as an inhabited area has a history of at least four millennia. Because of this history, it is both large and has many short streets. This results in a nodes per way ratio of about 3.66. This, in turn, causes the NET1 size limit 0x400000 (about 4 million decimal) to be exceeded.

I am trying to find all the pieces so that I can rebuild mkgmap; otherwise I would attempt to address this problem myself.

I am processing a recent planet latest osm pbf using these parameters to splitter (having used osmconvert to convert it to .o5m format):

java -Xmx8G -jar \files\splitter\splitter.jar ^
–description=“WorldUC” ^
–geonames-file=\files\ ^
–keep-complete=true ^
–mapid=99810001 ^
–max-areas=1200 ^
–max-nodes=999999 ^
–max-threads=6 ^
–output=pbf ^
–output-dir=\WorldUC ^
–precomp-sea=\files\ ^
–resolution=13 ^
–status-freq=30 ^
–wanted-admin-level=10 ^
–write-kml=split.kml ^
–problem-report=problem-report.txt ^

SEVERE (MapFailedException): \WorldUC\99813392.osm.pbf: (thrown in RoadDef.writeRgnOffsets()) Overflow of the NET1. The tile (\WorldUC\99813392.osm.pbf) must be split so that there are fewer roads in it.

From areas.list:
99813392: 1263616,1314816 to 1447936,1456128

: 27.114258,28.212891 to 31.069336,31.245117

This area includes the south west quadrant of Cairo, Egypt.

J:>osmconvert64-0.8.8p.exe \WorldUC\99813392.osm.pbf --out-statistics
lon min: -17.1047044
lon max: 34.2183333
lat min: 12.1897253
lat max: 31.6750000
nodes: 1044767
ways: 285700
relations: 332
node id min: 22175733
node id max: 5570597619
way id min: 4108784
way id max: 582475176
relation id min: 50793
relation id max: 8063546
keyval pairs max: 469
keyval pairs max object: relation 1473947
noderefs max: 1825
noderefs max object: way 29455034
relrefs max: 501
relrefs max object: relation 3406820