Mixing OSM map and GPS data and exporting it to graphics file

Hello all,

I would like to use an OSM map as a background image for a printed photo album, and I want to display some GPS data (Tracklog, Waypoints) on the map. I want to export a map piece of about 1000 km height, and I’ve experimented a little bit.

I’ve compared openstreetmap online and “Kosmos” software and found the following differences:


  • Using “Export” tab is very simple
  • arbitrary big regions
  • maximum allowed resolution is sufficient, but could be a little better
  • drawing of GPS info is impossible


  • very complicated bit-by-bit-downloading of pieces of the desired map
  • very very very slow when using prepared OSM maps (spain.osm, for example)
  • drawing of GPS info is possible
  • Did not find out how to change style of GPS track

Do you have any idea? Is there any software which combines the easy export of big regions (like the online version) with the possibility to draw custom GPS data?

I’ve read in the forums about the possibility to draw own GPS data over an online map. But this is no option for me since I need a high resolution export of the generated image.

Any idea?


If you are a bit handy, take a look and mapnik and setting up a postgis database and rendering a big image with generate_image.py . Good howto available on wiki

There still is no GPS traces drawing done in mapnik.

I think what you want is pretty easy todo when you know how, but there is no app that will do exactly what you want.
Exporting GPS traces to illustrator/Inkscape is one way that allows you to render it as you want.