Mixed language entries OK?

Hello fellow mappers,

Occasionally, I run into data in multiple languages. Most of the time, just the country is in a different language. Is there a policy around this? I would think all data should be in the local language, but there might be options to provide translations into the requestor’s locale. My example below shows a US based address in a country named…
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. My app does some validation and declares the entry invalid due to country value.

Any suggestions to handle this? Should we change Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika to America or United States? It’s not possible to update our geocoder to validate against all language permutations.

ERROR: invalid country - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
“place_id”: 29241589,
“licence”: “Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbL 1.0. OpenStreetMap”,
“osm_type”: “node”,
“osm_id”: 2735395741,
“boundingbox”: [
“lat”: “39.7398666”,
“lon”: “-104.9690667”,
“display_name”: “Blush & Blu, 1526, East Colfax Avenue, Cheesman Park, City and County of Denver, Colorado, 80218, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika”,
“place_rank”: 30,
“category”: “amenity”,
“type”: “bar”,
“importance”: 0,
“address”: {
“amenity”: “Blush & Blu”,
“house_number”: “1526”,
“road”: “East Colfax Avenue”,
“neighbourhood”: “Cheesman Park”,
“city”: “City and County of Denver”,
“state”: “Colorado”,
“postcode”: “80218”,
“country”: “Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika”,
“country_code”: “us”
“extratags”: {
“phone”: " 1-303-484-8548",
“website”: “http://blushbludenver.com/”,
“drink:beer”: “yes”,
“drink:wine”: “yes”,
“wheelchair”: “yes”,
“drink:liquor”: “yes”,
“opening_hours”: “Sa,Su 11:00-02:00; Mo,Tu 16:00-02:00; We 14:00-02:00; Th,Fr 12:00-02:00”


It looks like you’re using Nominatim, which attempts to localize individual fields based on name:xy tags on the feature or containing features based on either the request parameters or perhaps your preferred language. The actual feature in OSM has a name tag in English.

Great, so if I understand correctly, I can add ‘name:en’ to the nominatum request to get country in English. I’ll give that a try.