Mistake in Morocco map?

In Morocco South, there is The buffer Zone where Minurso there as Monitors, the buffer Zones (sand wall) made by Hassan II stratigically to avoid confrontation inside the algeria current borders, no soul live there from both nations, but oddly there is this Polisario front delusional state Title on it as if it’s a country in your map platform !!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but the OSM Wiki Page about the handling of Disputed territory is here.


The summary of the discussions that led to the current situation was on an “international borders” thread in the old forum, since moved here . That was a few years ago, but although UN initiatives have come and gone I think the only change on the ground has been that both sides have become more entrenched (literally and figuratively).

If you think something’s wrong I’d discuss it here - the Africa Category is probably a good place to start.

Edit: Here’s another discussion on this topic, with more links in it.