Missing wiki page for Automated edits from user archINFORM?

I noticed a user with the name archINFORM who apparently performs automated edits in OpenStreetMap by adding wikidata tags to objects.
Obviously, the information is collected on a separate platform called archinform.net and automatically created in Wikidata (example: Revision history of (Q120984914) - Wikidata) and then directly linked to OSM (example: Changeset: 139141783 | OpenStreetMap).

The user has been active for over 13 years and has already changed 13,000 objects (HDYC).

Basically nothing bad, but I can’t find a wiki page about the Automated edits. Shouldn’t there be one for this here Category:Automated edits log - OpenStreetMap Wiki?
I’ve tried searching in the wiki for “archinform” or “arch2bot” but could not find any information about it.

I’m assuming that someone must have noticed this before and I’m just curious if the procedure was agreed upon with the community and I just can’t find anything about it. Thanks!


Have you made contact?

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Not yet, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything first.

If it’s been going on for 13 years, then it predates the automated edits code of conduct or basically any firm guidelines by a long stretch. I come across old, undocumented imports all the time and create documentation on the wiki about them myself, as a courtesy. However, this is unusual in that it’s still running, so hopefully you can get the answers you need without too much investigation.

As a side note, you can ping any OSM user on this forum. @archINFORM has an account here. Even if the user hasn’t logged into this forum before, they’ll start getting notifications about topics they’re mentioned in once they do log in.


Hi mcliquid,
just noticed your question here. All these edits by user archINFORM in OSM and arch2bot in Wikidata are not automated edits. All edits are initiated manually, but processed with a custommade helper software (therefore named …bot in Wikidata). The edits are architecture related. The aim is to enhance knowledge about Architecture in Wikidata/Wikipedia and OSM.

@mcliquid btw: Recently I tagged a lot building outlines in Vienna :wink:

Aren’t these semi-automated edits then subject to the same guidelines as automated edits and thus to the Automated Edits code of conduct?
See also: What's the problem with mechanical edits? - OpenStreetMap Wiki

This is partly the case for the edits in Wikidata, but not (from my perspective) for the OSM edits.
This is the typical worklfow for OSM: I inspect on a custom map (displayed with openlayers) archINFORM building entries with registered lat/long. I have in this custom map a layer with building outlines (ways/relations) from OSM. By clicking on manual selected outlines I connect them to the proper archINFORM/Wikidata items and activate a script to send the Wikidata tag to OSM. Every tag is created one by one after explicite personal oversight.

But if I’m wrong and these are really semi-automated edits, what should I do to fulfill the relating code of conduct?


@Mateusz_Konieczny I have no experience with such scripts, what do you think? Maybe you can share your experience on this? Thanks a lot!

If edits are reviewed individually then it seems to be a custom editor like https://map.osm.wikidata.link/ - not a bot edit.

But you can add extra changeset tag like at Changeset: 140324159 | OpenStreetMap where I add automatic=no, it is a manually reviewed edit to clarify any impression about edit made with a custom editor, but still with a manual review.


It’s indeed more a custom editor than a bot.
@Mateusz_Konieczny I would include into the changesets the extra tag “automatic = no, it is a manually reviewed edit” , but the PHP-library for OSM ( GitHub - pear/Services_Openstreetmap: Makes communicating with the Open Street Map API, and Nominatim, from PHP intuitive. ), which I use therefore, unfortunatly doesn’t support individual tags for the changeset… :frowning:

(missing functionality of library, see: Changeset and setTag · Issue #128 · pear/Services_Openstreetmap · GitHub )

Mention it in changeset comment? “Add manually reviewed wikidata tag”?

things can be easy :wink:
New edits will look like this: Changeset: 140331499 | OpenStreetMap

(…but maybe I still gonna extend the PHP-library to support custom changeset tags in the next weeks)

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Easier still, you can outline your editing technique on your OSM user page, should anyone else get interested (or perhaps come to help, who knows). After all, it took only 12 years that someone gets suspicious and starts asking questions. :wink:


@Duja no questions, no problem :slight_smile:
@Mateusz_Konieczny Now I extended the PHP-library to support custom tags: Changeset: 140363628 | OpenStreetMap