Missing way in a file?

I just downloaded the Alsace file from France to test some code.

Now, the issue is that there are missing ways in this file that are later referenced by relations.

I ran the command
osmosis --read-pbf alsace-latest.osm.pbf --write-xml alsace-latest.osm

One of the culprit is way id 1221982296, appearing in relation 16666524 but not defined anywhere in the file.

How to handle this? Does that way appear in another file ? The pbf is from today.

I can’t define a proper contouring of some cities because of this.

Any insights ?

Thanks guys!

The way you give as an example (1221982296 red colour) is “quite outside” the limits of Alsace, in theory everything that is within the limits is fine, if you need related elements outside the limits you need to cover a larger area.
perhaps merging surrounding areas with osmium or working with the europe archive?

Yes, I hoped this situation would not happen but I handled it already in my code.
And it runs fine with some approximation…

it is what it is !