missing traces

About a month ago (around Nov 7) I uploaded about 20-30 GPX traces via the website. Now when I log in and look at my traces, there are only 3. How do I find out what happened to all the others? Is there some way to list all the traces with a particular tag. All the traces I uploaded were tagged with Winnipeg, the city they came from.

Hmm, well, someone accidentally performed a ‘drop table’ command on the database server. As a result some GPX files have lost their metadata (tags, user, etc). Although it is a pity that we lost the metadata, the actual traces are still available.

Interesting, about 50 of mine have vanished also, that’s slightly annoying! The search function on the left also seems to have gone, so it now seems only possible to search for tags by either linking from a tag when viewing all traces, or manually sticking it in the address bar.

e.g: http://www.openstreetmap.org/traces/tag/Winnipeg

edit: The data Stats page seems state that 62 million points have been lost.

According to this mail no GPX points have been lost, we just don’t know to whom they belong anymore.

Here is the announce of the accident on the mailinlist.

Thanks for those links

It is nearly a month and there are still 2 of my GPX tracks missing. Time to upload again? (think they were never uploaded with the public? box ticked, so maybe that is the root cause).

I’m still missing half a million GPX points :), but:

Tom has written a script that can work out which traces belong to whom. Please download and run it and return the results to Tom.

Here’s how:
The command to run the script is:

listtracks.pl <username> <public> <directory>

: your OSM username (mine is: Lambertus).
: 1 = your tracks are public so others can see them, this is highly recommended!, 0 = your tracks are private.
: the directory where your tracks are located.

Please check the resulting XML file afterwards and make sure only your own tracks are listed, then send the XML to: tom at compton dot nu

Windows users need a working Perl installation, if you don’t have one yet you can download the ActivePerl release free