Missing Surface MapRoulette Challenge


I am Syed from TomTom. We have previously shared MapRoulette challenges to improve the Israel map. Today I share with you another one related to adding surface tags to highways.

In this challenge, you will find 468 cases where a motorway or motorway link is missing a surface tag.

While our experienced mappers may join in to work on them at some point, I would also like to invite mappers from the community (some of whom may have local knowledge) to take part in enriching the map. If interested, you can work on these tasks using the instructions provided in MapRoulette.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the challenge. We also welcome any valuable feedback that could help us find leads to benefit the community’s mapping efforts.

You can access the Israel | Data Improvement issue on GitHub for more information about our past and present activity in Israel:

Happy mapping!